Starting up your own business comes with many questions.  You may wonder whether your business should be a corporation, limited liability company, or a partnership.  Once you decided what type of entity is best for your business, you must then work through the details of how to best set up and run your business.  Our attorneys can help you navigate your way through the many complex questions that arise when starting your own business.

Richmond Contract Lawyers

Contracts are key to your business in many areas such as sales, employment, and insurance.  Sometimes an issue arises in a contract that a business needs to resolve.  Our attorneys can draft contracts as well as help you with contract disputes.  We can litigate a contract dispute as well as submit your contract dispute to mediation, arbitration or another alternative dispute resolution if needed.

Our attorneys can assist you in planning for the future of your business.  We can help you put a business succession plan in place.  In the event that an essential owner, executive, or shareholder has a sudden death, illness or retires, our attorneys can assist you in having a plan already in place to ensure a smooth transition.

Business owners have to deal with a wide range of issues that arise.  In addition to start up needs, contracts, and business succession planning, our attorneys can help you with employment issues.  We can assist you in drafting employment contracts as well as helping you to determine if you need a non-compete or confidentiality agreement with your employees.

Virginia Corporate & Business Attorneys

Our experienced Corporate & Business lawyers can provide counsel on a broad range of legal business issues.  If you live in Richmond, Chesterfield CountyHenrico CountyHanover CountyDinwiddie County or other counties within the Commonwealth, contact our law firm today for a consultation with our experienced Virginia business lawyers.